Release #9

Release #9

What's new from NanoTrust ?

Simplified Access and Improved Security for Tezos Operations Management

This feature allows for the efficient and secure management of Tezos operations, as the information can be easily retrieved and used when needed

Enhancing Blog Performance and Aesthetics through SEO and CSS Improvements

The feature "Blog SEO/CSS improvements" refers to a set of enhancements made to a blog's search engine optimization (SEO) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in order to improve its visibility on search engines and user experience. SEO improvements involve optimizing the blog's content, keywords, meta tags, and other technical factors to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index the website. CSS improvements, on the other hand, involve improving the blog's design and layout to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly. 

Security improvement

Update on some of our dependencies (stripe, turbo-rails)