Authenticate your documents using the blockchain.

Give an unforgeable character to all the documents you wish to share: sworn statements, certificates, duplicates...

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NanoTrust, the authenticity generator

Thanks to blockchain technology, we offer a universal solution that gives everyone (individuals and companies) the certainty of having an authentic document (pay slip, diploma, invoice, contract, proof of purchase, loyalty card, technical certificate).
NanoTrust, the universal authenticity generator, meets four major needs.


«I have the assurance of having authentic and tamper-proof documents. (Certificate, diploma, etc…)»


«I only share the data that I want to share, I choose the recipients.»


«I have the assurance that my data are safe and cannot be stolen or reused»


«I give back to my data all their value with third parties»

NanoTrust, the authenticity generator that certifies, controls, protects and adds value to your data.

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Trust is a big deal !


In a society where the possibility of forgery is becoming more democratic, how can I be sure that the documents I receive are authentic?

  • In France, 20% of rental files (tenants and guarantors) contain false documents and 50% of tenants say they are ready to falsify their rental file to meet the requirements.
  • In France, 65% of CVs are said to be misleading, 85% of candidates say it is normal to beautify their CVs and two out of three employers do not check CVs accuracy.
  • LinkedIn claims to have removed more than 32 million fake accounts from its platform worldwide in 2021.

In a society where the feeling of loss of control over personal data is intensifying, how can we reassure citizen consumers?

  • 68% of French people and 90% of Americans worry about not really knowing who has access to their personal data and how it is used.
  • 72% of French people fear having their identity stolen, or even seeing the disclosure of private data or documents (51%).

In a society where document fraud is exploding, how can I be sure that my personal data are protected?

  • In 2022, 69% of French companies have been victims of fraud and 78% fear an increase in the risk of fraud by the end of the year.
  • In terms of fraud, the losses suffered by French companies between 2018 and 2020 amount to 1.4 billion dollars (compared to 42 billion globally).

AI improvements are tremendous

AI improvements
  • Instant text generation has made considerable progress, particularly via the GPT-3 protocol.
  • It is now possible to easily create images / videos of things / places / beings... that never existed, but in an undetectable way.
  • Image and text editing tools are now available to non expert people.

Blockchain technology is the solution

NFTs have popularized the creation of unique, authenticated and tamper-proof digital twins based on blockchain technologies.

Today blockchain technology is mature. Some chains like Tezos are particularly energy efficient and inexpensive in gas.

But access to these technologies is complex, almost reserved for a world of geeks. Moreover, you must deal with cryptocurrencies, and it could be impossible for a large majority of companies.

So, we built NanoTrust to fix that !

Our conviction is that the document certification must be done at the same time as the document generation.

NanoTrust is a universal generator of digital twins.

Technical CertificatPayslipEventMembershipInvoice

Each time a new document is created (pay slip, invoice, diploma, etc.), you create its digital duplicate by entering in a blockchain some encrypted information that will be used to ensure the veracity of the document.

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How it works

NanoTrust allows you to create easily digital twins in a few clicks

Allowing you to certify all your documents

Without needing any technical knowledge

Without dealing with any cryptocurrencies to write in the blockchain

You regain control over your data


By choosing who you send them to

By choosing what data you want to share

By choosing what data you want to share

By ensuring that they will not be falsified

By ensuring that they will not be falsified

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