When generating diplomas for your students or learners, generate a digital twin. Diploma fraud is a major issue to both schools and companies that hire fake diplomas. You protect your reputation.

Attendance / PoAP

You are organizing an event (concert, conference, product launch, etc.) and you want to offer participants a PoAP that they can use in the future in order to benefit from unique advantages. PoAP are the future of engagement marketing.

Pay slip

When creating a pay slip, choose a few significant elements to register in the blockchain (encrypted) in order to make your document unique. Your employees will thus be able to transfer authenticated pay slips when they need them: to their bank for a financing file, to their lessor to be able to present a solid file, etc.

Technical certificate

Nanotrust allows you to produce time-stamped and non-modifiable maintenance certificates in order to keep track of your technical operations.


Let's imagine a new way of building customer engagement program ! Your customers could take advantage of their engagement thru a token. Each time they interact with your brand, they enhance their token.


The false RIB or false invoice scam is a scourge that now affects all companies. When issuing an invoice, generate its digital twin so that your customer can ensure the conformity of the items received.