Release #5

Release #5

What's new from NanoTrust ?

Implicit consent

With this new feature, users can add implicit consent automatically, either manually or via API. When creating a new Nano, users now have the option to check or uncheck the implicit consent option. 

This new feature is expected to improve user experience by simplifying the consent process, reducing the need for users to explicitly consent to every action, and improving the speed of transactions. 
It will also enable businesses to stay compliant with data privacy regulations while providing a better user experience. Overall, this new feature is an exciting development for both users and businesses using the platform.

Manage Delegation

The delegation feature was already available via our dashboard, but now this feature is available via a specific endpoint in our API.

Email template personalization

With this new feature, users can now personalize the email subject and HTML content, and add variables like the recipient's name or a call to action, making the emails more engaging and relevant. 
This feature is designed to help businesses better connect with their customers and increase engagement rates. The personalization options allow for more targeted messaging, resulting in higher open and click-through rates. 

Security improvement

Update on some of our dependencies (stripe, sidekiq, redis, rails, ...)